Volta A Proud Sponsor of The Lowline Anti Gala in NYC on 10/8/14

The Lowline is an initiative launched many years ago that would see a former underground trolley terminal in New York City’s Lower East Side converted into an underground park. In an area of New York that is lacking in green space, the hope is that this reclaimed space, unused and neglected since the late 1940’s, could transform into an area for tourists and locals alike to relax, create, and enjoy.


Formerly the Williams Bridge Trolley Terminal, this site boasts attractions such as vaulted ceilings, cobblestone streets, and criss-crossing train tracks.

Thanks to an invention proven by James Ramsey of RAAD Studio, a ‘remote skylight’ (read more on Lowline’s site) would be used to provide light to the park during the day – freeing it from the mandatory use of electricity during the day that might be expected for an underground location.

For the past 5 years local businesspeople, students and aspiring designers, as well as celebrities who call New York home (Lena Dunham and Spike Jonze hosted this year’s gala), have worked to not only prove the concept, but encourage one another to imagine what a space like this could mean for the City.

Our very own Steve Lau sits on the Advisory Board of Directors, and this year Volta was honoured to act as a sponsor and donate our beloved Cabernet Sauvignon highlighted in the menu and programs shared below.

For a glimpse of The Lowline’s photo stream and pictures from this year’s gala we encourage you to visit the organizations Flickr stream.




Plans to negotiate with the City and raise funds for the building of the park for a grand opening in 2018 are currently underway and we encourage any and all of you interested in reclaiming lost gems for public use like The Lowline, to donate to the cause and help us further prove this concept.

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